Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Avatar 3D

I've had this account with Blogger for two years now, but i seldom felt like writing; partly because i was too lazy and partly because i felt it wasn't that important to share.
But today after Watching AVATAR 3D for third time i had to share what i feel and couldn't think of anything better to start with.
Avatar is what you dream. Not a fairy tale, not a comic sci-fi, but a real-life adventure which is etched into your mind. Pandora, which is home to the Na'vi race in the movie, is what we have as visuals in our brain when we think of dreams. I would not delve into story much as most of the human race has watched it already and for those who haven't; please watch it regardless of anything; this is not a movie, this is not something that i like and you may not, this is something which connects the masses, and that is defined as cinematic experience.
Every single object is rendered with such detail that you want to watch it again and again, to notice that thing you missed last time. I was never a huge fan of James Cameron. I enjoyed his previous block-busters, but that's it, i enjoyed..never felt them. But with Avatar, once you sit and wear those glasses, you are hypnotized into a world of photo-realistic imagery and such fine cinematography, that you only realize you are in theater once the lights come on!
It's easy to criticize the cliched story-line, but this is the first time in my life that I've read so many reviews by hardcore critics who gave it a 10/10 purely based on the overall experience and rightly so.
I have given this a lot of thought; For me, this is the best movie experience I've ever had till date, bar none, Period.


Maggie Mae said...
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Maggie Mae said...

Hi Saif! We really see when something comes from the very inside and pours in the form of words... made me even more curious to watch this movie! I should really check it and find out until what extent I agree with what's being talked around everywhere. :)


Ro... i DesiRe 2 iNspiRe! said...

Brilliant Movie, An EPIC, a true one, unlyk the other claimed bullshit stuff...

Saif Ahmed said...

Thanks Meg, i really wish your posts were in english!