Wednesday, January 20, 2010

PMP vs Multimedia Phone!

Have you noticed how many "Ipod vs Cowon" or "Ipod Touch vs Cowon S9" or 'to be more geeky' "Ipod Touch 3G 16GB vs Cowon S9 16GB" videos have surfaced on video sites like youtube, googlevideos; to name a few. As am sure, most of you "Gadget freaks" like me, love watching these "comparison" videos. We always prepare ourselves, by comparing such products, in advance, so that when time comes we make a right decision and buy the "winner".
But is it so? Are these reviews, previews and comparisons enough to make up our minds about investing a large sum of money into some gadget, that we may not use for more than 2-3 years at maximum (2-3 months being minimum).
For e.g. I am currently stuck in a dilemma on whether to invest in a decent multimedia phone or a pmp (Portable Multimedia Player for the non-geeks). I own a 5 year old albeit very well working Sony Ericsson W900i. Yeah i know some of you thinking that calling myself a Gadget Freak and owning something for more than 2-3 years is quite contradicting, but i'm sure most of us have that special attachment to a certain gadget, specially phones coz it lasted through your thick and thin, so thats that!
Back to reality; I also have a Ipod Nano 1g 2gb which was gifted to me by my brother (GG Gadget Godfather as i like to call him). What i want now is a PMP with a really good (read LED) screen with good battery life so that i can watch movies/videos "on-the-go".
Ipod Touch was certainly in contention with its blistering UI and Touchy touch, but than i came across Cowon S9 and it hands down beats Ipod Touch in terms of screen quality, display resolution and sound. So i should have bought the S9 and saved you the trouble of reading this stupid Blogpost; Right?
Nooo, thats where my Indian-bang-for-buck-mentality comes in and gives me a third alternative which was invincible before. Why not go for a Multimedia Phone? So i start researching and infact come with hell of lot of alternatives. After much permutations and combinations (we invented "0", didn't we), i came to a two-way tie between Cowon S9 and Samsung S8000 Jet phone (koreans are aware of our needs, might be due to our proximity). Now Price-wise both are almost similar, feature-wise Samsung is way ahead (better screen resolution 480x800, 800 Mhz processor, 5mp excellent camera, HD video Recording, FM, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, Micro-SD slot), only cons compared to S9 ( samsung not capacitive touch, sound sligthly better, battery life better). So the Pro's definitely outweigh (infact bury) the Con's!
So here i am, extremely satisfied with my decision to go for Samsung. Gone are the days when Samsung was just regarded as another cheap korean manufacturer (Apple uses Samsung NAND for the iPhone). Some of you might say why i left Nokia 5800 or ZuneHD out. Nokia; because Symbian is the the most buggy software out there since Microsoft Windows ME (Millennium Edition) and ZuneHD (because of their weird ignorance to not sell it outside United States).
Now don't go searching for Samsung Jet vs Cowon S9 videos. Firstly you wont find one, because no one is "stupid" enough to compare a Multimedia Phone with a PMP or no one wants (you) to!!
I'll leave you thinking at that, Thanks for reading.

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