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Top 10 '3D-Animated' Movies

Thanks alot for all your responses and comments on my previous posts, i want to start a 'top-list' series of posts which every blogger is tempted to post! So starting off with something i'm dedicated to....

Top 10 '3D-Animated' Movies 

Technicalities: An animated feature film is defined as a motion picture with a running time of at least 70 minutes, in which movement and characters' performances are created using a frame-by-frame technique. In addition, a significant number of the major characters must be animated, and animation must figure in no less than 75 percent of the picture's running time.

10) Madagascar (2005): 

Madagascar is one of the funniest movies ever-made. It has some amazing voice-over artistes which lend it a big-movie feel. Animation is an unconventional mix of 2d and real-life which is visible in both original and sequel. This is one of those popcorn movies, which you are never tired of watching again and again.

9)  The Incredibles (2004):

The Incredibles was an excellent parody to superhero movies, but at the same time highlighted the hardships of being one. It was beautifully animated and every character had some kind of impact on the story-line which is a feat less achieved by movies amongst any genre. A great family watch!

8) Up (2009):

If adventure is your thing, you should watch this movie. Very rarely is a movie this adventurous, funny, inspiring and beauuutiful at the same time. Bold use of colors make this movie look like an artist's imagination painted on the screen, which is how an animated movie should be. On second thoughts.. even if adventure isn't your thing you should watch it.

7) WALL·E (2008):

Nobody, until Pixar, thought of making a full length animated feature-film whose lead-characters have no dialogue and are purely characterized based on their emotions. Flawless Animation, Brilliant Visuals and the best example of Pixar's path breaking story-telling!

6) The Polar Express (2004):

'The Polar Express' is one of the most under-rated animated movies according to me. It is a roller-coaster ride which has better animation than very few movies to-date. Zemeckis-Hanks Duo, Excellent dialogues, voice-overs, lighting and a beautiful soundtrack makes this one of the best holiday movie ever!

5) Ratatouille (2007):

Easily one of the best Pixar creations. No surprise, that it should entertain both the young and old as well. Just like all great films, Ratatouille is alive, and full of passion. At it's core are messages about friendship, family, compassion and determination.I loved every minute of this film. The characters were real and endearing. The bad guys had real motivation and also provided a lot of comic relief. The movie was as beautiful as "Nemo" and as heartwarming as "Toy Story".

4) Cars (2006):

One of the things you'll notice first about this movie is there are no humans whatsoever. Pixar does a job so well that you would have hardly noticed this. Everything from a slick gear-shift to a bad-silencer is so well animated that it will appeal to a wide range of audience from petrolheads-to-those who aren't. The main thing i love about this movie is that it goes on with its subtle messages without preaching, and that is an achievement!

3) Fantastic Mr. Fox (2009):

Fantastic, Absolutely Fantastic. There have been many stop-motion movies like Coraline, Mary and Max..but none is as stunning as Fantastic Mr. Fox. I haven't read the book so i wont comment on the screen adaptation, but one thing for sure is that Roald Dahl couldn't have got a better screenplay for his book. George Clooney takes away this masterpiece with his excellent voice and beautifully animated shots sans 3D. Quite the 'Pulp Fiction' of stop-motion animation this one!

2) Finding Nemo (2003):

Finding Nemo is a movie i've seen many many times and it still feels as fresh as ever. It is as beautiful as visual animation can be, can only be compared to Avatar's 'Pandora'. While this film may not be a masterpiece, it's the next best thing to it. That's because the artwork is superb, unparalleled and unmatched. The colors, textures, lights, and shadings are the finest that have ever been done on any animated film ever, before or since...

1) Toy Story (1995):

Pixar's second-ever feature-film and they made a classic which is incomparable since. This movie is one of my inspirations to get into animation as a career, its that good!

Thanks for reading. Next post Top 10 '2D-Animated' Movies..

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