Saturday, February 13, 2010

Top 10 '2D-Animated' Movies

Thanks for all the comments and response on my previous posts; as promised, here's a list of my top 10 2d animated movies, also from now on, i wont write a short synopsis review about each one of them, just simple 'good' and 'bad' like pro's and con's, to be initiated from this post following.

Some of you must be wondering why distinguish animation between 2d and 3d. I feel the need to explain this difference is very important, and in simple words 'watch Avatar in 2D and 3D' and you will be able to distinguish by yourself. If for some reason you "haven't can't won't" watch both the versions, here's an explanation. 2D animation is flat  (involves drawing on a flat surface like a sketch and than it is shown in frames i.e. flip-book animation) referred to as 'cartoons' (Simpsons, Tom&Jerry, Aladdin). 3D animation is modelling (constructing in a software) which has no viewing limitations from any angle, you can see all the sides of a cube (in 2d only one face can be seen at a time). The main element of 3D is 'adding depth with whole environment of lights, textures and animation' which makes the image photo-realistic (e.g. Transformers, Incredible Hulk). Enough of the explanation, so lets get on..

10) South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999):

The Good : Song Lyrics, Terrence and Philip, Canada, Dialogues.
The Bad: Too Short.

 9) Beauty and the Beast (1991):

The Good: Visuals, Classy Animation.
The Bad: None.

8) Grave of the Fireflies (1988):

The Good: Details, Story, Characters
The Bad: Very Depressing.

7)  Princess Mononoke (1997):

The Good : Kill-Bill of 2D, Direction.
The Bad: Addictive to watch.

6)  The Little Mermaid (1989):


The Good: Visually Perfect.
The Bad: Tad Boring in some parts.

5) Aladdin (1992):


The Good: Lovable Characters, Repeat Value.
The Bad: Absolutely None. 

4) The Princess and the Frog (2009):


The Good: Disney's belief to make a mainstream 2D in 3D CG world, Stunning 2D in a 
                   looooooong time.
The Bad: Predictable, Mediocre Direction.

3) The Lion King (1994):

The Good: Lovely Characters, Excellent Dialogues, Hakuna Matata.
The Bad: No 3D version yet!

2) Spirited Away (2001):

The Good: Adventurous Plot, Perfect Direction, Lively Characters, Beautiful Animation.
The Bad: People who don't like watching Anime (Japanese Animation). It's an Excellent Movie to start with. 

1) The Iron Giant (1999): 


The Good: Funny, Touching, Delightful, Intelligent, Ages 8 to 80 viewable.
The Bad: Zilch.

Thanks For Reading. 


vikaskurup said...

where the hell is jungle book in the list

David Morris said...

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